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I am thought. I reproduce thoughts, malign and benign, thick and thin, good and bad, amiable and detestable. For that, I am born to think; think freely. - Anubhav Saini, 31/08/2011

This too, shall…

This too, shall pass. Everything passes. Everything changes. Fear. Death. Life. Pride. Family. Friends. Troubles. Joy. The Sun. The Earth. The motion. Everything comes into being and goes out. Like anything else, this idea, this post, this thing; too shall … Continue reading

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Features ought to be in C# 5.0

1. Time based asynchronous retrieval (return) When we talk about functions, we talk about bunch of code statements thrown together to get something done like, public static int Add(int x, int y){ return x+y; } but here’s catch, if function … Continue reading

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There should have been more photographs, but I can’t find them on hard disk. Will post them later.

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zebronics cooling pad review review

  Another thing that proves that you don’t want to buy sh*tt online I’ll give this to Zeb-guys, the modularity in product composition is awesome; you can take apart it in matter of seconds and just as easily put … Continue reading

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big black door

As soon as I laid my eyes on that door everything stopped; everything ceased to exist or move; I can’t tell because that door was black hole for senses: It took all my senses and indulged them. Big black door … Continue reading

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Business myths: Right business plan

This is the first installment of my business myths series. I’ll be patient and ask you to do so. Thanks. So, I was working with this start up in rather sporadic manner. But since I used ‘was’ in last sentence … Continue reading

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I don’t know how I got this habit but I got this; and now I am shameless enough to confess . I drink beer while coding; and boy it feels great. This is how my coding setup looks like.   … Continue reading

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Theory of returning objects from object oriented world a.k.a Reaching God alive

Well, I am a programmer. So, I write programs, a bunch of code put together to make sense and act on user’s input to give him/her something useful, an output. In doing so I almost always have to divide the … Continue reading

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I stumbled upon many subtle errors that one overlooks through a busy day. First one is what I am proud of; I found out that one Su-Do-Ku puzzle can have multiple solutions. Try to solve this one. Answer in the … Continue reading

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Helix theory of Time-Space

I don’t know if there has been a theory like this. but here goes nothing. I give you theory of helical-time-space. Suppose, all of the matter on your table is concentrated and put in one empty glass. Now consider your … Continue reading

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