This too, shall…

This too, shall pass.

Everything passes. Everything changes.









The Sun.

The Earth.

The motion.

Everything comes into being and goes out.

Like anything else, this idea, this post, this thing; too shall pass.

oh by the way, I am prog-blogging on and writing on

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Features ought to be in C# 5.0

1. Time based asynchronous retrieval (return)

When we talk about functions, we talk about bunch of code statements thrown together to get something done like,

public static int Add(int x, int y){
return x+y;

but here’s catch, if function is relatively big and time consuming control would just be stagnated at the call-site. such as:

int sum = Add(10, 20); //if Add() were a huge function it would have taken a lot of time and next function
int diff = Sub(20,10);    // would have been waiting for control to return from Add() function.

This, thing was long solved be Asynchronous programming in c#. Now, many things have been said about it and the new possible features in C# like Async and Await.

But, there is one more thing… as web developers we sometimes don’t care about the Asynchronous-ability of a program. As web developer, my job as always is to keep user interested and hooked and I have to give him not more than 1-2 seconds of wait.

So what would I do, I would write a jQuery-AJAX routine where I illude him that it’s (web site) is desktop-like fast. But, what if I have to calculate something and I want to fetch result-list (possibly a List<Products>) in fixed time.

For that I would like to see this following feature in C#:

Async + time-bound execution + yield that is my result set : so that, results can be calculated but function will be active for a given period of time before yielding me a result set and dying.

That’s all folks.

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There should have been more photographs, but I can’t find them on hard disk. Will post them later.

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zebronics cooling pad review review



Another thing that proves that you don’t want to buy sh*tt online

I’ll give this to Zeb-guys, the modularity in product composition is awesome; you can take apart it in matter of seconds and just as easily put it together.

Alas, all the time they spent was on the modularity, that means: it’s (it has: for poor men of English) functionality is zero.
> It’s fan rotates noiselessly, because they aren’t doing anything.
> It’s angle (what ever they claim) is f*ck*ng impossible to use.

I can go on. But I have other better things to do with my time, so do you. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER…

Another FLIPKART stupidity: [You have just posted a review, please try again in 5 minutes.]
— ARE YOU F*CK*NG KIDDING ME? I bought many things from you and you want to tell me that I can’t review things I bought, So much for “certified buyer” hypocrisy, HYPOCRITE.
Does it really hurt to check a bit (in code) whether user is certified buyer or not?

trying again: Server error. Please try again in sometime.

another try: Your review for this product has already been posted.

Zeb and FK: you got reviewed.

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big black door

As soon as I laid my eyes on that door everything stopped; everything ceased to exist or move; I can’t tell because that door was black hole for senses: It took all my senses and indulged them. Big black door with small shiny knob took all the  intelligence away in one moment, and in next I fell in love; from infatuation to love all it took one mere moment. I was looking at it but having surreal dreams about that very door, I saw serpents drawn near the edge of the door, it didn’t frightened me; oh it brought me closer. There was no handle on the door, no sign and no other accessory; few serpents carved out on it and a small shiny silver knob on big black door. I couldn’t resist, had to open. Opening would have been end of the love or misery, but it was surely bad manners; so I knock; so I think I knocked. Oblivious to what happened next, the door I was so madly lost with was open to me suddenly.

Opened door brought me closer to the door and I pushed through it. White bright light hit my eyes and now I had lost my sense of sight too; conscious brain was long gone. Only thing that mattered to me was the information sense of touch brought me, my feet felt wet beneath and sides, but it was not water. I was not water and it was certainly not fluid only; it was spongy, kind of hard sponge but cold. Yes, cold was it. Soon, my senses came to me from heaven, I saw, unbelievably, an areoplane going through clouds at some distance; the noise was way to loud to bear, I covered my ears and fell down wet spongy ground. I thought it was a dream, surreal but dream still. The plane was gone when I opened my eyes, it was a cloud on which I fell and soon my head started hurting.

I could taste bear in the air and my mouth, “can it be bear cloud?” – I asked myself, “No, that would be dream come true, If so, can I have a pyramid of pretzels too…” – my mind was racing towards the impossible and fast. I had to get up. I got up. I had to make some sense out of it all. The big black orgasmic door was no where to find. I made some sense and then started walking to make more of it.

I saw a flying signboard, huge green board with white marker: BACKDOOR. I’ll say, it was wonderland and the door was huge, so was the plane and soggy cloud underfeet, I’ll say it was a backdoor to some other world. Then I heard thunder and lightning, thunder was not any common thunder but roarious and courageous. I was coming towards me, with full force and unforgiving lightning. It made me restless, but it was never the less amazing feel. I was about to die – or was I dead – I don’t know, but even if I was dead I would say that dying again made me sick to gut and felt wrong and adventurous. It was the adventurous part that made me go towards it, but as it reached near it changed it’s course and lightning suddenly appeared from my back. It took a semi-circular turn around me rather going through me; I am finally invincible. Yay!

But then as it always happen, the tragedy, I saw a humongous EXIT board flying out of no where and almost killed me again. I thought I was never going to live here without something trying me to kill, but nonetheless it was worth living here. Air had beer vapors in it, all I had to do was open my mouth and suck it in. I opened my mouth for one such sucking and something fell out of my mouth, I looked down – to my amazement it was a pretzel pyramid. Oh my God, could it be that I was producing things at whim, I was so amazed that I thought about picking it up and eating it, but then suddenly I saw something of great pleasure.

Girls, three or four of them making out with each other, beautiful girls, curvilicious, huge pink tongues and long – King Kobra like hair, playful and deceitful. I was in heaven finally. I always thought about going to there, but there was a catch, I had to be dead: which put me to postpone the inevitable journey every time. Now I had befriended a door that could take me to this heaven every time I wish. I notice, how beautiful girls, playing love, made me think about death; now I come to think about it, they were sinister, sweet smelling, deadly serpentine angels, who could have loved me at my command.

But then, I felt a huge shakedown, I started flying through the clouds. I finally thanked God to give the power of flight, it was beginning of the new era, but wind was strong; soon  a river originated from my mouth, it was like I was the new creator of the world. It seemed that I would make a good lord at last. But, wind was too fast, it blew my river to and fro and soon I hit a gigantic wall made of steel. It hurt like hell, but after pain comes the gifts of nature. I was in the food land. Strong wind brought me to all new heaven. It was filled with shiny things, food and cotton balls. It was sweet smelling too. I saw pretzels and nachos and threw my self at them, it was a mouthful. Then I wished, just wished about tomato sauce, and my hand was in tomato sauce, whole lot of it. There were green vegetables too, nicely cut and boiled and tasty. I threw one hand, my eyes closed, and picked a bunch of stuff to fill my mouth, I ate for too long and when I grew tired, I simply closed my eyes.

I wished I was alive for only one day, I wanted to tell you that, there is a door, big black one with small, shiny, silver knob on it. Go through it.

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Business myths: Right business plan

This is the first installment of my business myths series. I’ll be patient and ask you to do so. Thanks.

So, I was working with this start up in rather sporadic manner. But since I used ‘was’ in last sentence you can pretty much guess that this ‘working with them’ is over now. Here in this series I will document what I found out about business and the processes involved in it.

This specific post is titled “Right business plan”. Here we go.

Many people think that they can start and run a business successfully; they are right. Actually if you think about it, we all are in business processes, business deals every day, we are sometimes variables and sometime constants in business equations.

In fact according to collaborative knowledge of mankind i.e. Wiki :

… “business” relates to the state of being busy either as an individual or society as a whole, doing commercially viable and profitable work…

But every business has various parts. One such part and almost most important is the idea ( no not the great idea that just pops into the brain but the actual viable business plan ).

Joel somewhere posted about a company that had the (rather absurd) idea but could have helped humanity (actually not).

… Nobody at Clear did any thinking. They had a business model, the business model wasn’t actually possible, everybody knew it, and theystill plugged away at it. Thoughtless optimism. I don’t know whether to salute ‘em or laugh…

you better click that somewhere and read the story there.

The thing is that even if you have an idea that you think is great and can prove that hasn’t been implemented (read milked) doesn’t automatically makes it (the idea) implementable. So, when I was working with this company/startup (which I am not going to reveal: their idea is still novel), I kept banging my head against their idea that it is not very good idea and they should change as I am proposing. Now, I know I don’t know everything about ideas or their implementation and their fate (good lord why should anyone want that?) my points/ideas/improvisations had better chances at the success.

Though I didn’t quit for that reason, or to bore you even with this rather nonsense post, my point is simply this, just because you think some idea is new, doesn’t make it good idea.

Then there this friend of mine came to me, asked me to visit him (200+ miles journey) and discuss the potential new  idea. It was stackoverflow+facebook+SPOJ+Google CodeJam‘ . Needless to say, he didn’t know Stackoverflow or SPOJ for that matter and I had to become a villain as I needed to puncture his idea and bring him to surface. This thing doesn’t work. First of all you can’t create a web app for software engineers and programmers and coders and computer scientists and  former Mosad and what not, and lure them to sign up and login everytime and just because you want them to solve a challenge for you. Not only that you can’t provide state of the art application to them. I can code stackoverflow in a week, but then who can’t. If you can’t provide them hunky-dory service they won’t bother and if they won’t bother, spending any time is worthless and indefensible.

So take it from me, even if you have novel idea as in just-out-the-heaven-in-your-head kind of novel, forget it until you can turn it into some real viable business idea.

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I don’t know how I got this habit but I got this; and now I am shameless enough to confess .

I drink beer while coding; and boy it feels great.

This is how my coding setup looks like.


 And the beer glass 

 Oh, don’t worry I don’t do this everyday. Here’s what my everyday setup looks like

oh yeah, MS Ergo 4000 and Logitec G300

So tell me how does your setup looks like? It doesn’t have to be freelancer only, it is how you do work when you are at home.

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